The Book Buying Revival

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In contrast with what we expect today, there has been an upward trend in book buying all over the world. One would expect that there would be a decline in the habit of purchasing physical books due to the introduction of smart books like Kindle. It seems people still love the feeling of holding a book and reading it.

This fact can be substantiated by the Nielsen Book Research which reveals that there is a considerable increase in the book buying habit every year. Their recent study shows that there is a considerable increase in purchases of print books as compared to the electronic versions.

This shows that there is an increased desire for authenticity. Purchasing of print books is also attractive to many people because there is a chance for looking for other books in the book store. Buying the latest book thriller online is simple and fast, which can be done with the touch of a button. Going to a bookstore, on the other hand, has its own advantages. The reader gets to have a three-dimensional experience, perusing through books, looking at what is new and basically getting more information on the genre.

Book Reviews

Reviews are an important part of the book buying process. They give an honest critique of a particular book the buyer might want to purchase. A review takes into account the style, merit, and content of the book from an independent reader and not that of the publisher or writer. A book might have received a lot of accolade in the public arena but many people might not have had a chance to know what it is all about. Reviews are important for those who intend to purchase a book but still want a second opinion. Book reviews, therefore, offer the reader a chance to make the right decision before a purchase.

Running a Bookstore

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Not everyone with experience in retail stores can run a bookstore. That is because the environment is tranquil and might not run quite the same way as other shops.

Learn By Doing

The best way to learn about running a bookstore business is actually by working in one. This allows you to learn the secrets of running the business as well as the processes involved. It might not be easy to get into a new bookstore chain, but if you do love books and reading, then this can be a worthwhile adventure.

Sell Second-Hand Books

When you are done reading a book, all it does is lie there on your shelf, especially if it is a book that you do not refer to all the time. It basically becomes useless and just takes up space in your study. People have found a way to circumvent this by engaging in the business of second-hand books.

This is another area where you can enter the book selling industry. The feeling and smell of a new book are always welcoming and attractive, but if you look at the bottom line, the reading experience is always the same. The information you get from a new book and the one you get from an old book is the same.

These books are sold at a lower cost as compared to the new ones. This is where the independent booksellers compete; on the price. Because they are second hand, some sellers will allow the customers to bargain the price for a particular book.

Whether you go for old or new; the business of selling books can be a rewarding venture if you are a true book lover at heart.

Bookstores: From Brick and Mortar to Online Store

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We cannot ignore the fact that we are living in the digital age. Many things have been transformed by the onset of technology and the book industry has not been left untouched either. However, although the paper industry is slowly dying, there are still some people who still love the smell and touch of a book.

Harnessing the World Wide Web

The trend today is that the use of technology is clearly winning people over. You no longer have to purchase a large book, which is bulky. More and more people are turning to the internet to find and purchase their favourite books. The process is very simple and less time-consuming. All you have to do is download the electronic version which can be saved in a device and read anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices like tablets and Kindle have made this process even easier. They are not bulky, can be carried anywhere and can also hold quite a large number of books.

Independent Book Sellers Online

This refers to people who sell their books online. Unless you are a book lover, having a book selling business can be a difficult venture with low-profit margins. That is why many people shy away from owning a bookshop. But if you do love books and money is not your motivation, then the business can be for you.

Having a small local bookshop doesn’t fare any better either. Modern day book sellers have leveraged their business to reach out to a bigger market by going online. If you are selling books about yoga, locally you can only get a few customers. Venturing on the internet can greatly increase the number of people who would like to read about the topic. The advantage of the internet is the fact that it reaches out to a large group of people around the globe. If a bookstore on the internet has a large collection of books, which is so much better because the chances of getting repeat customers is high. Selling books online also has the advantage of passing cost savings on to the customer through lower prices for the books.