Learning online: finding knowledge and info online instead of at the library

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Where did you go to when you wanted to learn more about any particular topic 50 years ago? In 1978 most people would have visited their local library to read one or more books on the subject. Depending on where you live, however, chances are that the information might well have been outdated. As a matter of fact, that is still the case today in many cases.

Fortunately technology came with a solution: the Internet. Few people born after 1990 probably realize exactly how dramatically the Internet has changed the way in which we learn. Today you can, from the comfort of your lounge, learn about nearly every topic under the sun – mostly for free.

True, the World Wide Web has also given rise to a vast industry generating less than reliable information, often for commercial gain. Fortunately though it is usually possible to quickly double-check info which you find doubtful.

Whether you want to learn how to overhaul your car’s engine or paint your home’s roof, you should be able to find detailed instructions online.

The Internet has also created many new opportunities to make money. There are today a whole generation of young people known as ‘digital nomads’ who travel the world while writing blogs or other content, making videos or running an online business to pay the bills.

It’s also possible to have a lot of fun online. If you enjoy playing poker, chess or any of a vast number of other games, you can play against others who are at the same level as you whenever you want, wherever you are. With poker you of course have the added advantage that you can make some serious money while having fun.

Eventually you might want to become a serious poker player. Nothing stops you from becoming the best poker player there ever was. Start by reading up on the topic at Wikipedia and next get expert training at an online training site. Finally fine tune your skills by learning a few little known tricks of the trade.