Sharing Interests With Your Partner

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Finding a hobby or interest to share with your partner can spark an old relationship with new energy. Learning something new, together, will make you both feel vulnerable and excited, opening your feelings to new possibilities. It’s easy for couples to fall into bad habits that pull the relationship apart; so often these days partners sit in bed, on their phones, in their own worlds, not talking to each other. Here are a few ideas of games you can play with your partner to keep the love alive.

Board Games

Why not pick up a game of Scrabble to help you spend a romantic evening with your partner? Between moves on the board you can chat about your day, but any lulls in the conversation will be filled by the pleasant shuffling of your tiles on the board.

Join a Team

Board games are fun, but sometimes you want to get some exercise while spending time with your partner. If you sign up for a sport like ice hockey, you’ll meet new people, get exercise, and be on the same team as your partner. You can cheer each other on and watch your love grow. Playing games against each other can sometimes cause arguments, but if you join a team together you can use each other’s talents to succeed together.

Online Games

In our modern world there’s a new way to play games with your partner, and that’s online. At ManagerZone you can create and run a hockey team together. You won’t have the competitive arguments Scrabble might cause, because you’ll be on the same team. And, since ManagerZone is played online, you don’t even have to leave the house to get started. Together you can join the world of hockey and manage a team, being as casual or hardcore as you like. You’ll make decisions and negotiate with other managers, all while having fun with your partner.